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Clarifying things

The governing body for California's wine industry (the Alcohol and Beverage Commission / ABC) released a seismic document today. In it they clearly defined how third parties could work with wineries to help them sell their wines. The advisory is here and the press release here.

Lot18 was quick off the mark, emailing our trade partners here, and putting out a press release within 90 minutes of the original release.

It's pretty deep technical stuff that the advisory covers, but its effect will be felt by everybody. A lot of companies are going to be scrambling to rebuild their systems to be compliant, but I'm glad to say that Lot18 invested from the start in a system that accounted for these requirements and then some, and we're happy to report that there is no interruption in service.

The net outcome of this will be that a larger variety of wines will be available online (including via Lot18), and that's good for everyone.


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